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Chhour Y Seng Clinic

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welcome you all to take a pleasant viewing of our interactive webpages - an idea is to show our concern and commitment to our patients and referring specialists. 

The responsibility of promoting and protecting the general health of the population is not only a central component of that constitutional responsibility and authority but is also the responsibility of every citizen.

Even as we enjoy great economic and other benefits of living together in communities, that same community life creates the necessity for...

Health Education

September, 18 2015

Even a minor eye injury can cause serious, lifelong eye damage. For example bleeding within the eye, caused by an eye injury, can cause glaucoma later in life, Eye injuries can cause loss of vision, or...

Food for Healthy


Febrary, 28 2017

Workshop on Basic Health Care Before and After Delivery on 28 February 2017...

August, 10 2016

Giving certificate to staff after successful completed technical training course in on August 2016...



October, 16 2015

Malnutrition happens very often in Cambodia, especially in the rural area. Recently,...

September, 14 2015

According to an evaluation on the situation of 22051 children and teenagers,...


June, 29 2015

Our Operating Room is a wonderful design for infection control.We will be able to perform General,...


December, 07 2016

  • Mandatory or basic vaccinations, which refer to the vaccines...