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About Us

Chhour Y Seng was registered under the Ministry of Health to establish as a pediatric and maternity clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since December 2009. Through our consistence change of our quality of service, working hard, respecting one another and to all patients, our employees have made the clinic a center of excellence. After continue successful and supported by our patients, Recently Chhour Y Seng has become a pioneer clinic in Phnom Penh.

With its vision and mission Chhour Y Seng equipped with the last technology to support it services. Management of Chhour Y Seng has demonstrated commitment in high standard of governance and administration of business context. We show this commitment through our well trained, skillful and long term of experiences doctor, Nurses and management staffs


Strive to be a healthcare facility leader in patient experiences by providing the best professional medical care for pediatric and maternity patient with high quality, through integrated clinical practices and further education to our patients and customers, by commitment and adhering in Compassion, Integrity, Quality and Innovation.


" Compassion   Integrity   Quality   and   Innovation "