According to an evaluation on the situation of 22051 children and teenagers, researchers found the relationship between obesity and high risk of development to hypertension. The result showed that individuals whose weights are 6 times heavier than the normal will be diagnosed having hypertension, in addition, most fat people recently are children and teenagers living in the country with high and medium income, and there would be a concern about increasing the number of hypertension patients in the upcoming future. Professor Peter Schwandt from Germany said, “Our study clearly show that most overweight children will face hypertension, However, there are still certain losing weight ways that could be implemented and could reduce the risk”. It is noticed that most obese children are boys. Hence, male participants are noted in the group easily catching hypertension. Therefore, professor Wchwandt indicated that, “We found that obese boys have high risk of hypertension four times more than the normal weight.” In the starting point of founding, researchers and his colleague suggest to create an effort to motivated all children and teenagers to eat healthy and do regular exercise.
  Health Time Magazine No.32