» What is Mulnutrition?
What is Mulnutrition?
Malnutrition happens very often in Cambodia, especially in the rural area.

Recently, this problem seems to be increased due to the fact that most women leave their babies with their grandparents to work in the city. Those babies cannot get breastfeeding and enough nutrition because their parents cannot afford milk powder, and replace with the water from the porridge. In order to understand well, Health time has conducted an interview with specialized doctor Lim Sivlaing related to malnutrition.  Mrs Sivlaing graduated with degree in medical sciences in 1992. Now, she serves as a doctor in nutrition department of National Pediatric Hospital. What is called malnutrition? Nutrition is food that is given to children for their standardized growing and modified according to their growth steps. Malnutrition is defined as a condition of inefficient nutrition in all kinds of forms such as not getting enough food or certain diseases which prevent digestive absorption and it affects children's health. What cause malnutrition? Frequent causes of malnutrition refer to 3 main factors which are not genetic problem. •First: economic problem •Second: mothers moving away from their babies •Third: children diseases. However, babies of families with high income also face malnutrition because they don't feed their babies right, and even though plenty of foods are provided, they don't get enough nutrition. What are the symptoms of malnutrition? Malnutrition provides symptoms indicating delayed growth: •First step: No weight gain by age or weight loss, thin, withered and small body, wrinkle skin, old look than their age, and hair fall. •Second step: Edema general makes their parents confuse that the babies recover from their disease and start growing up as normal. Besides, psychological problems could occur, such as: •From an active baby to a passive one •From a talkative and sensitive bay to a silent one without any attraction to others. Moreover, for bigger children, parents will notice their changes in hair and skin with wound and dark spots. More than this, other diseases could be appeared such as anemia, diarrhea and lung disease. Children in what condition face the risk of malnutrition? Malnutrition mostly occurs to children under 2 years old, but the children under 6 months face the highest risk of this problem if they don't get right feeding: breast feeding or milk powder feeding. What are the consequences of malnutrition? If children with malnutrition don't get right treatment, this problem will lead them to death, affect their brain development, slow their intelligence, and affect their body development such as short or stunted.

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